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Castle Biosciences works with providers to secure coverage

The decision to undergo prognostic testing is one to make after a full discussion with your doctor.  If you decide you want the information the GEP test provides, it’s important to know that Castle Biosciences has, to date, processed all DecisionDx™-UM test orders for U.S.-based physicians regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Castle Biosciences works with Medicare, commercial insurance providers and, in some cases, your physician’s institution to secure payment coverage for DecisionDx-UM. Castle submits insurance claims on your behalf and follows through the system to payment. The Company believes a patient’s ability to pay for the test should not affect their care, and has put a generous Patient Assistance Program in place for those who need it.

Know your TYPE, Know your RISK
You’ve just been diagnosed with uveal melanoma, and it’s important to know that there is a test that can identify your tumor type—and the risk of your cancer spreading.

GETTING TESTED       Timing is Critical
To know your tumor type and risk, a biopsy must be taken BEFORE radiation treatment.

Talk to                 Your Doctor
Use this discussion guide to talk to your doctor about the genomic test to learn your tumor type, or CLASS.


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